Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Who will walk away the champion?"

Went for Komar's 21st birthday thing last night with the usual St. Gab's/CJ guys. Brought my lovely Xbox 360 to Komar's house with the help of Aaron, and we played Street Fighter IV most of the night and some Gears of War 2 later on. Finally, I got to experience the feeling of playing the game with my friends. The AI has pretty standard and predictable moves so it was fun to play with actual human beings for a change. Well, except for when playing with Ben Toh. All he did was use Blanka's electrical attack(Ben Toh, if for whatever reason you're reading this, don't kill me).

Also went to the McDonald's near Kovan station and had a really retarded talk with Aaron, Ben Toh and Raymon. I shan't divulge. Heheh. Overall, despite the fact that it was pretty much a sausagefest as usual, Komar's birthday celebration was a really enjoyable experience.

Got my computer back today. The blue screen problem has been temporarily solved, and hopefully it can be permanently solved as soon as possible. Fingaz krauzed, ma peeps.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Welcome 2010!... and a new computer!

Due to my selfless contribution to the nation(aka duty) on New Year's Day, I have been awarded 1x off day, which has been redeemed today.

Well, doing duty on New Year's wasn't that bad, I guess. I don't even celebrate New Year's Day in the first place.

Plus the fact that I was welcoming 2010 with a new computer just makes it better. Courtesy of one of the guys from my company, it's quite literally 10 times(and more) as powerful as my old one(seriously, it's like racing a Tamiya car against a three-legged turtle carrying a 60-year-old overweight, diseased and desperate-for-money prostitute on its back). However, it suffers from frequent attacks of the Blue Screen. Hopefully it can be fixed soon.

Well, that's all for now. Catch you later(with my really fast com ahhhhhh).