Wednesday, December 09, 2009

"May the Vishanti watch over thee!"

It's pretty late at night but I can't really get to sleep so here's an update.

This week is "leave week" for me, and why am I not surprised to find myself doing absolutely nothing useful in the day?

Watched the direct-to-DVD film entitled Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme. I felt it wasn't that great at all, but some of the fighting scenes were pretty cool. Plus I always thought Dr. Strange was a classy middle-aged man with a British accent. This film depicted him as some emo late-twenties American guy who only sported a goatee because it was in fashion where he lived.

Speaking of facial hair, this may or may not interest you, but I haven't shaved since last Thursday. Wanted to see which parts of my face could actually contribute to the collective effort of all the other facial parts in the endeavor of growing a beard. Seems that some don't seem to agree. My beard isn't really all that symmetrical, some spots missing here and there, but I'm guessing that happens to every guy. Nevertheless, gonna have to shave by Sunday before I get a haircut.

Anyway that's about it so have fun, byaaatches.