Thursday, October 22, 2009

"I gotta sit down before I hurl"

Wow. I got really tired from helping to push start a minibus like 3 times in the company. Not the "arms losing strength" kind of tired. More like the "seeing stars, head spinning around and struggling for breaths of air" kind of tired.

Shit man. Last time I felt like that was probably back in my second BMT while digging my shell scrape(sometime in February, I think). Every two or three hacks on the soil and I had to sit down and drink water. One of the worse physical feelings in the world.

Yeah I know I'm a weak, unfit bastard. Heh.

Staying in tonight for some weirdass early morning safety detail. Really dislike staying in camp, but what are you gonna do. Guess that's all I can say about it here.

Have been really enjoying Street Fighter IV ever since I got it. Gaming life level up; Social life level down.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Pretty typical of Capcom, I guess...

I bought Street Fighter IV just not too long ago, and now news of Super Street Fighter IV have already appeared.

Do I want it?


Soilwork is a pretty nice band.