Sunday, August 23, 2009

RT cancelled

What's worse than the Ass Eh Eff making you report for physical remedial training on a Saturday morning?

The Ass Eh Eff making you report for physical remedial training on a Saturday morning, plus the fact that the physical training had been cancelled beforehand but no one informed either you or any of your friends who took the time to show up.

That's what happened yesterday. How nice. How efficient. Real sweet.

Speaking of real sweet, I took a look at the Developer's walkthrough videos of Heavy Rain on GameTrailers, and the in-game graphics might be the best anyone has ever seen so far. Its gameplay doesn't look too bad either. Too bad it's only for the PS3.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Just another regular Sunday

Summary of today.

Played GTA IV from yesterday midnight to 5am this morning, then slept 'til 12pm+++++.

Took the lift downstairs intending to go buy comics, then decided I was feeling too lazy to do so and headed back home.

Tried to get the GTA IV achievement which you earn by successfully outrunning the police with a 4-star wanted rating but have been failing so far.

Went out with some of the guys to go watch The Hangover. Funny as hell, especially the character Alan.

Oh yeah just remembered. Just two days back, while I was standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus, a mosquito flew pretty close to my crotch. In a valiant attempt to kill it, I accidentally smacked myself in the nuts. And the stupid mosquito only fell to the floor but got back up real quick. Painfully hilarious.

Well, that's it. Back to work tomorrow.