Monday, September 22, 2008

As history lazily repeats itself

Dammit I made the same mistake again. Wasted my damned off today. And later I'll be heading back to camp to stay in 'cause I'll be busy in the early morning tomorrow, right up 'till the end of the day.

Well some people might say a day off is meant for people to just sleep all day and relax at home, but I already did that and it didn't make me feel very good at all.

I think a day off is time given for me to do something meaningful or life-changing or something like that. It gives a different feeling as weekends do, I'm not sure why. Probably because weekends are just usually spent with the fellas doing rather routine but enjoyable things i.e. eating, playing LAN, or watching a movie. But a day off on a weekday means everyone except me is probably busy with their own commitments and so I'd have to think of something different to do before the sun sets and I'd have to fold my stupid army uniform sleeves and go back to camp.

Unfortunately I'm not creative enough and there isn't really anything that I've always been wanting to do but didn't have the chance to, so once again I spent my day off at home doing nothing special and watching the clock as time passes by and work time draws nearer and nearer.

I'll have to plan some crazy event for myself or I'm gonna need some suggestions in advance.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Excuse me, you dropped-ah, who cares?"

It's been a hectic week but I'm guessing the next week will be even more hectic.

Driving, driving, and more driving.

Something happened yesterday that made me feel bad as a human being. Met Komar at the bus stop outside Little India Station yesterday. We sat down on one of the seats and talked while waiting for our bus. A bus did arrive, but it wasn't one that we could take. As people started boarding the bus, I noticed a sky blue sweater on the ground. Then I remembered that earlier on, a young lady in school uniform was sitting at another seat next to ours waiting for that bus, and she must have had the sweater on her lap or something and dropped it as she stood up to board the bus. By the time I realized that, the girl was already in the bus.

This was when thoughts like "she'll realize she's dropped her sweater and will get off the bus to take it" and "someone else is gonna pick it up and get on the bus to pass it to her" came to my mind.

Neither of those thoughts came to reality and the bus started moving off, the girl not knowing that her sweater was not with her.

The fact that not one person(including me) bothered to pick up the sweater and pass it to the girl - is something wrong with everyone, or is nothing wrong with me? I'm not sure how much small-sized sky blue sweaters cost these days, but I'm sure the girl would have been really grateful to whoever would have saved her sweater.

I promise myself that next time something like this happens, I'll take the initiative to ensure that items that are dropped in front of me are returned to their oblivious owners.

Spent quite a lot of money(by my standards) today, mainly on food, arcade, comics, taxi ride.