Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What an exciting day off

As mentioned before, a day at home. Pretty much a waste of time. All I did was sit in front of the computer. Should've done something spontaneous or stupid or something that would take me away from this mundane life I'm having right now. And soon I'm going back to camp 'cause of a detail early in the morning tomorrow.

I wanna watch the film Numb.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My first off

Took off for tomorrow. Kinda pointless since everyone else is at work or in school or doing something important, so it's basically a day at home for me. At least I get to practise playing guitar or play the Xbox games which I have owned for some time but haven't had the chance to play much.

I'm really tempted to get a PSP.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stressed over the slightest issue

May good things happen to everyone around me, 'cause bad things seem to happen to me most of the time.

I think I need to take up smoking or drinking, whichever helps one relax better.

Bloody hell softball and baseball have already started in the Olympics. Why wasn't I aware of that?!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wanna look man-pretty?

Got a haircut from a (new?) hair salon called Snip Avenue for the first time. Its slogan was "the place where beauty begins" or something like that.

Funny. I didn't go in there expecting to become "mantastic" or something. Pretty ironic for someone like me to enter a place like that.

Like most guys(I think), I've always felt more comfortable in a barbershop than in a salon. Salons are just too flashy for me, whole shop is full of ladies(it's weird for me to have a strange lady touching my hair), and I can't talk properly to the lady hairdresser. Even if there was a man working inside, I'd be like "you've gotta be gay to be working here" and try my best to avoid him. Barbershops are different 'cause they don't have shelves of shampoos and conditioners occupying half the space, place is full of guys and the place itself doesn't have to look stylish, as long as customers know that the barber can get the job done. Manly indeed.

However, I chose the salon instead, and probably will choose it for many more haircuts to come, because barbershops in Serangoon typically charge around $8 but Snip Avenue charges a freakin' $4.80 for cutting of hair. A little cringing and shrinking of balls for $3.20? Well worth it, huh? The price for perming and other stuff like that, I don't know and it would be pretty disturbing for me to know.

Gotta go to "work" tomorrow. I'm starting to hate my unit a lot 'cause of the huge amount of pressure piling up which I'm not used to. I'm being put in an environment which is exactly the opposite of one which I would love to be in. I don't think the idea of getting a free driving license is good enough a reason for me to have a more positive attitude towards my current army life. Right now, I'm pretty much sure I wanna get out of there.

If only I wasn't so bloody stinkin' fat to get kicked out of BMT. They say that when that happens to someone, he usually winds up as a driver.

If only I was given at least half a chance to join the band in the army. I wouldn't mind doing reservice as a rifleman.

I think I'm forced to run that 10km thing. Dammit. Exercise, my bitter enemy, has conspired with the army to destroy me. Doesn't the army realize that allowing the public to watch a fat loser wearing an army PT kit walk half the route is bloody disgraceful and embarrassing to both the loser and the organization itself?

Watching Jingjing, the panda Olympic mascot, dance to the Crazy Frog song during breaks in the games really cracks me up.