Saturday, February 23, 2008


It's come to the point where I turn on the computer, and I don't know what to do with it.

Who will take the Polytechnic path with me after I finish NS?

I lead a very sad and lonely and loser-y life.

What a mess.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My first encounter with the Ghost Rider

This is how I fell in love with the Ghost Rider(comic version, not the gay movie version).

That was from an episode of the 1994 Fantastic Four animated television series. That version of Ghost Rider is Danny Ketch, not Johnny Blaze, but I guess it doesn't really matter now that Johnny Blaze also has the Penance Stare.

"Oh hey, Galactus is coming to digest our planet. Should we call the Fantastic Four?"
"Nah, we'll just get that skeleton dude on the cool fiery motorcycle. Galactus'll pee in his blue-and-pink pants."
"You know, probably only us humans see him in that gay armour. Different species see him as something different."
"Why? Does he change his appearance each time he goes to a different planet?"
"No, he's so powerful, he's, like, not even physical, man. That pink giant we see is just a physical representation of his awesomeness. He's so complex, we couldn't possibly comprehend his true form."
"Wow, that's pretty cool, huh?"
"Yeah, you gotta respect that kind of power."
"Oh, well, here comes the skeleton dude."

"Damn, that's a huge puddle of piss."
"Pity the janitor who'll have to clean that up."

Friday, February 08, 2008

Encounter with the Devil's son during Chinese New Year

Going through Chinese New Year as a non-student is pretty weird to me. It used to be going to school everyday and anticipating the upcoming holidays for Chinese New Year, but since it's been holidays for me everyday, it feels more like a period of time when I am forced to get out of the house to visit people.

Anyway, yesterday my family went to my father's father's sister's husband's house(do you call that person your granduncle?) and I swear I met the son of Satan. You see, for the past few years I started this habit of going upstairs to this vacant room and playing an old Sony Playstation inside while the rest of the adults are busy gambling downstairs(I've stopped gambling since about five years ago, for some reason which I don't quite know myself). Recently some kids have started appearing as well and they tend to play with the toys in the same room as the Playstation(which kinda pisses me off, but I'm a nice guy), but this year there were these two sisters who were in the room a little earlier than I expected and they were sitting on the floor right in the center of the room, so I didn't wanna intrude. They were building something with a bunch of Duplo blocks.

Well I had no choice but to stay downstairs and sulk, but after a while, the moment I realized that all the little kids were downstairs(which meant that no one was upstairs), I dashed up and switched on the television. I noticed the structure that the girls had built and started wondering what it was supposed to resemble, when two boys appeared. I looked away from them, focussed my eyes on the TV and started thinking "oh crap, please don't start kicking the fat dude for fun".

Suddenly, as I turned once to look at them, one of the boys picked up the structure and yelled in a high-pitched demonic voice,"you see this? YOU SEE THIS?!" before smashing it onto the ground and stomping on it, causing it to shatter back into the individual basic building blocks that it was created with. Then he said to the other kid "let's go down" and they dashed down as swiftly as the wind.


If the girls came up and saw me sitting next to their broken masterpiece, they were sure to blame me for it. I switched off the TV and walked down the stairs as quickly as I could while trying to maintain a casual look as though nothing had happened upstairs. My heart was beating so fast, like a hyperactive gerbil tied up in a little sack. There I saw the destructive individual who tried to frame me.

Oh, he looked so innocent and all, but deep inside, I am so sure he is constructed out of pure evil astral energy, and the other boy who was beside him is his familiar.