Thursday, December 13, 2007


No, I don't drink. After a whole day of band, Raphael and I met up with Yaofeng and we went to Komar's house for his party. Knew none of the people there, the tables had nothing but alcoholic drinks left, and most of them left about fifteen minutes after we arrived, so it wasn't really a party for me at all. I did have a glass of milk and some cake, though. It was getting late, so we decided to hang over at Komar's house for the night(hence the title; I know that's not how the term is used), together with two other guys(another one of them did stay for a while longer, but he left soon after).

A soccer match was to be shown in about two hours from then, so the guys started having a very educational discussion regarding how to pick up ladies at the club. Yaofeng and I didn't really think the topics discussed really involved us, so we merely listened but didn't talk. Halfway through, I even played a Star Wars DVD to watch.

When the time came, one of the guys left and the match started. I watched my first match in a very long time. Manchester United versus A.S. Roma. Was pretty exciting, and when Dong Fangzhuo was sent in, it just got kinda funny when Yaofeng and Raphael started making fun of the only Chinese player in the match. After the match, we switched off the lights and slept.

When the sun was barely up in the sky, Komar's dog woke us up with its constant barking. The great resonance of the house didn't really help matters much. The maid took it out for a walk and we resumed our slumber. After that, we took off and Yaofeng and I headed home. I skipped today's sectionals. Heheh.

Friday, December 07, 2007

The Gaming Hermit

Well, staying at home all day playing old games and rarely leaving the house except for band practices is fun and all, but life is getting a wee bit monotonous and my social life is down in the crapholes.

Is this supposed to be a cause for concern?

I feel the need for something retardedly exciting to be in my life, be it something that happens to me, or something that I do myself. A "spark" of some sort, that would make me feel a little less pathetic than I do right now(not in a loser emo sort of way, but in a realistic sort of way). Kinda thought post prom would do the trick, but it turned out to be just plain retarded, not exciting.

So here I am, on a quest in search for this Spark. The thing is, I'm not going anywhere physically to find it. This whole thing is happening in my mind.

Travelling? Nah, I hate going to new places. Leading the life of a Playboy? Well, from my careful calculations, the chances of that successfully happening are about 12.5623 to 0(Don't ask me how I ended up with these results. The theories involved are so complicated that attempting to understand them would make your head asplode).

Ah, well. More solitary bus rides home will (hopefully) help me find the answers to my questions in life.

Games being played most often right now:
Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds,
Deus Ex *bow* and occasionally,
Claw, though I'm stuck at repeatedly trying to complete Level 10 without dying.

At least Brandon lent me his acoustic guitar, so I can break away from the computer once in a while to carry on honing my non-existent guitar skills. Got really huge and painful blisters on my fingers and finding it pretty difficult to type this entry right now(at least for my left hand).

Band practice tomorrow. I'm gonna be out for (insert Tarun's voice, complete with Indian accent) "THE WHOLE DAY!!!" due to both main band and alumni practices.

Why did they release the teaser for Deus Ex 3 so soon when the game will only be released in 2009? To make fans die from anticipation?