Saturday, July 28, 2007


Can two people who lead lives which are total opposites of each other's fall in love?

Just something that I thought about after last night's dream.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Chicken soup for the vertically challenged soul

Band practice today was pretty cool. Played Japanese Graffiti XI again, and it was fun watching Raphael spazzing out as he played his solo. Huitian added a cowbell part that was not in the score, and Sir even requested that she play louder(I almost typed "louser"). Argh, I'm feeling so damned jealous.

Well we went to Toa Payoh and I was given some leftovers to scavenge, and the biggest contributor was Lilian so I promised to give her some of my Bubble Tea. Totally forgot about it soon after and finished the whole damned cup, and was reminded by her too late. Argh, I'm feeling so damned guilty.

Ah well, there's always the next visit to Toa Payoh to settle the debt.

When I got home I saw this huge pot of chicken soup with lots of herbs and other random sh*t inside, which my father had my maid brew for me, 'cause he was told by our relative that it would assist me in my never-ending quest to hit the 1.7m mark. Well, first I would have to complete the never-ending quest to hit the 1.6m mark.

But it's pretty overwhelming to see that pot of soup. One whole pot of soup with a whole chicken inside meant only for me to consume. Luckily my father said I only had to drink the soup, which I did.