Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Woo tired

Argh Comics Mart ran out of Blade #7 so I only bought Ghost Rider #9 today. Ah well, they'll call me once they have new Blade comics arriving.

Gotta wake up pretty early tomorrow for that opening/welcoming ceremony thing.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Stupid robots

Well we have a (big?) problem for tomorrow's performance. Two things which kinda pissed me off:

1. One of the teachers in charge of the event has informed us that for "Tribute" we have to change the word "demon" in the lyrics to "creature", 'cause she feels it could be a little inappropriate for us to say "demon" in a Catholic school.

2. Zhao, our bassist, might not be allowed to play with us due to his new JC not allowing him to skip a few hours of orientation to come back to our college to play.

Well here are my responses:

1. Obviously, the teacher has NEVER heard "Tribute" before and has no idea that the demon could arguably be more important than Tenacious D themselves in the song. D fans going for the event would be extremely pissed that the main character of the song would have to be converted from a demon to a "creature". How vague could "creature" get? What the hell's a creature? An elephant? A yeti? A mealworm? A teacher? My sister?

Lighten up, man! God wouldn't strike the school down for saying ONE word ONCE which is linked to the Devil! That is the only word in the entire song which specifies what the antagonist of the story really is, which is a demon, not some dumbass "creature".

Guess what. If we are allowed to play tomorrow, I'm still gonna say "demon". Haha take that, stupid robots!

2. First off, let me say that "orientation" is a friggin' waste of time, when people like me do nothing but get humiliated as we are forced to play dumbass games and do a really lame dance to pop with members of the opposite gender against our will, and allowing just one student attending it halfway to go to another college to play rock wouldn't kill the principal.

And also, the teacher said that even if Zhao got an MC to skip school, she wouldn't have him play onstage in our college 'cause this might put our college's reputation at risk.

Wtf?! What reputation? Our college is full of "jia kan tang" people who think they are of a higher class as compared to everyone else in school. And also the one with the most "A"s, and I'm not talking about the grades here.

So the plan is to still have Zhao get an MC to give to his college and somehow sneak him in to our college to play. If the plan fails and he still isn't allowed to play with us, then the Vacuum Cleaners aren't complete and will not be appearing onstage to play at all. Sorry if we have to disappoint all our friends who bought their tickets to watch us, but we can't really do anything about it.

If only the world wasn't so filled with robots.