Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Metal greatness

Tobias Sammet, the vocalist of Edguy, made a symphonic metal album (yes, there is such a thing as symphonic metal album) which started production back in 1999 and was completed in 2002 and he called it Avantasia: The Metal Opera (yes, metal and opera can be put together to form a phrase) which consisted of two parts and tell a cool fairy tale. Okay it's old but I'm quite a retro and old-fashioned person.


I went to Amazon to check out the two albums and the site had sound samples for part 1 which sounded like *exaggerated voice dragging and slurring starts here* sooo freakin' nyyeeese oh my Gaaawwwd *exaggerated voice dragging and slurring ends here* and made me wanna buy them, but I don't think they will have it here in Singapore. There are lots of talented high-pitched guy singers from Europe who are supposedly very popular where they came from in this album and they all play the role of a character in the story, but the main character is of course played by Tobias Sammet.

Also, Ultimate Spider-man on Xbox is *exaggerated voice dragging and slurring starts here* sooo freakin' nyyeeese oh my Gaaawwwd *exaggerated voice dragging and slurring ends here*. The web-swinging looks so cool but the voice-actor makes him sound like he's some nerd, and for some reason Venom cannot shoot webs but can jump to the roof of a ten-storey building from the ground floor in one leap.

Tomorrow is a holiday for me but I will have to study for Computing coming up on Friday.

"Donald Duck never wore pants, but whenever he got out of the shower, he always had a towel around his waist."

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Fishing is strictly prohibited in the aeroplane

Back from the band Thailand trip yesterday. It was kinda fun and I realized how much I sucked compared to the people we met. Guys who were fifteen or sixteen and started playing the French horn a year or two after me played much better than me. To think that some people actually said I was good. I guess it's all relative. To me I will always suck until someone really important in my life tells me that I don't, although I have no idea who that person is and how that person will be related to me.

I'm typing with one hand right now because the televison is being watched and I have to use my right hand to hold the soundblaster to my ear to listen to the greatness of Edguy. Right now I'm listening to "Wasted Time". Their version of metal is so nice.

Oh and tabs from My Song Book can't be downloaded anymore due to copyright issues. I wonder why it's even still up.

I really wish the geniuses from Bungie would consider having Halo 3 on the original Xbox together with Xbox360. I could never dream of getting a 360.