Thursday, May 25, 2006

Filming is fun

The first part of the flip animation trilogy is almost upon completion so for Crappyass Flip Animation fans (if there are any in the first place), hold your breath for just a little longer.

A class skit called the Infinity Samosa starring Bong and I and filmed and directed by Yong Sheng is also on YouTube. It makes totally no sense but it's just quite fun to watch. The only storyline is there's this dark blue samosa called the Infinity Samosa (inspired by Marvel's Infinity Gems)which grants its bearer superpowers, although it doesn't seem like it in the video. And it's just a school tie bundled up to a triangular shape to look like a samosa. It's just something that we did after school 'cause we had nothing else to do. Just type "Infinity Samosa" in the search bar. There will only be one result.

Also the X-men movie was, in my humble opinion, a total fluke. It hardly followed the comic at all and some good guys died for the lamest reasons, although the fighting was quite cool and it was nice to see Angel flying around. Marvel fans will probably spit at the screen.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


I've just discovered a really cool band called EdGuy. At first I thought their genre was punk rock but after some research from a certain reliable source (*cough* wiki *cough*) I found out it was power metal. It's very nice and has an epic feel to it, and it's not vulgar or anything. Ignore the fire and everything. They're not satanic. You guys should check it out. They're not like super noisy or something.

Oh yeah, I've got three more new videos in my video blog. The ones I mentioned previously. Remember if you wanna watch but can't seem to through the blog itself then you can go to my YouTube link at the bottom of the video blog and watch them there.

Friday, May 05, 2006


Today just before band I finished bandmate Andy's leftovers which was about half a fish fillet, a quarter of a chicken drumstick and a sixth of a plate of rice. My scavenging days are probably back again.

Also, I have suddenly become obsessed with executing PK rolls and classmate Yong Sheng has filmed some using his phone.

The Shin-Scavenger has been unleashed. He is a hideous fat monster who somehow is able to do crazyass retarded tricks like a freakin' ninja and swings a string with keys at the end as if it were a weird sort of weapon or something. He also feeds on leftovers of the human males who are unable to finish their meal. He leaves the females' alone because he doesn't wanna be accused of nor wanna do indirect kissing.

"God gave Rock n' Roll to you." - KISS

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Death is a funny thing...

Well I got killed in Legend of the Green Dragon by a Halfling Mage. Couldn't be bothered to play anymore and winning favour with Ramius for him to ressurrect me because I got pissed at the fact that I lost all my gold on hand and 10% of my experience. I'll just wait for the next game day and be automatically ressurrected.

This reminds me of how much we fear death when we don't even know for sure where we go after we die. Probably because probably nobody has died and come back to tell us, at least not in this era. The fear of the unknown overtakes us and we don't want to know about it.

It's like some big exam, like the 'O' Levels. Many wish the day never comes, but since no human has perfected the art of time travel, you have to face it one day, and the results will be the fruit of what you have done to prepare for this "form of judgment".

Do I go to Heaven or Hell, or do these places actually exist? Do I wander around as a spirit? Do we reincarnate into some other being depending on the deeds we've done in our lives? Is there even an afterlife? Or do we just die and be gone like we never had existed, leaving an empty shell behind, just like the unworthy dragons who lived in the world of Dragonheart?

Heheh dumb rhetorical questions. Ok I'm kinda young for this I guess. My current life is already so screwed up. Shouldn't care about the afterlife yet.

"Today is the first day of the rest of your life."