Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Beauty is only skin-deep, and without your skin you'd look horrid

Alright so what the hell should I write about this time? Now that a considerable number of people are actually reading this bullcrap which I type about my dumbass worthless life, I'm under a little more stress than usual. But hey, I'm short, I'm fat, I'm fugly, the number of female friends I have can be counted with just one of my fat hands, I hardly hang out at Orchard or Bugis or any of those "hip" and "cool" places and I suck at schoolwork. I should be dead in the first place, and since I'm not, I'll just have to live with stress. Don't worry, I won't commit sepukku because Master Kanbei from Samurai 7 taught me not to value death.

Right so I shall tell you people about what happened last Saturday night. Hao and I actually had a plan to go out under Muthu's house and play basketball(I know, basketball and me just don't fit). Hao was the one to bring the ball. When he saw me he "thundered" the ball towards me, thinking I would be able to catch it. However his aim was off and the ball hit the top of the signpost that displayed the block numbers, and the lamp broke off and landed on the grass. I went "oh shit!" and took off towards Muthu's house as fast as I could. Hao picked up the ball and followed.

We went under the void deck of Muthu's house and called him down. He brought along a soccer ball but it didn't matter because we didn't really get a chance to play at all since all the courts were actually occupied. So instead of playing we went sat down and talked.

Well that was basically what happened. The next day the the lamp cover was put back on top by someone but it was so crooked and all messed up, and since the lamp itself was broken, it would make no difference at night.

Right so here is a list of stuff I've learnt so far in 2006.

- how to fry an egg
- how to buy stuff at Subway
- girls actually sometimes wear p.e. pants beneath their skirts to prevent being "exposed" (not that I actually look on purpose)
- there's a direct bus from my house to Far East (105)
- two guys whom I've probably never met in my life before going to JC actually live just opposite of me, and we're actually in the same CCA
- there is a difference between a beautiful person and someone who is beautiful

Right let me explain the last point. I had been in an all-boys environment for ten frickin' years and had hardly communed with members of the opposite gender except for members of the family and my maid, and I only looked at pictures of friend's female friends and most of the time I only said "wah sick". I realize that's very un-gentlemanly and real stupid.

Now that I'm in Dual-gender World, I find that many of the people whom I would have found real sick-looking on the computer monitor are actually beautiful in real life. Being someone who is beautiful just means you're hot, and being a beautiful person means something much more than that.

If you look past the hideousness, I'm really a happy person with happy feelings.

Oh crap what the hell am I saying.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Finale night

Okay today was pretty much a day of humiliation.

Haha my father just read the first line and asked me "why humiliation?" and I said "I anyhow write one."

Right, back to the point. First thing we did today was go to our class and talk a little and play some bonding games or so they call them. Nothing much humiliating, but the good stuff comes later.

If you can't be bothered to read about my day, you may leave. If you wanna find something to laugh at me about then read on for loads.

The first dumb thing happened at a mass dance session. Because my class consists only of two females, the facilitators had to pull unfortunate ladies to dance with us. The girl who was unfortunate enough to have to dance with me was kinda hot, and the first thing she did when she saw me was burst out in "omg" laughter and shout to my facilitator "HUH BUT HE'S TOO SHORT!" Inside I was like "Mula Picha" and outside I was like "ok..."

I forgot who asked for who's name, but she was the first to say hers. I shall not reveal her name because of the sudden rise in the number of my readers. I told her my name and that I was only 1.60m tall. She turned out to be really nice and for the first time I was actually enjoying myself during mass dance. I also think I've never talked to a girl for such a long duration before. She was really into... the dance and I got more and more into... the dance along with her. She even taught me some of the steps that I wasn't familiar with. Don't ask me to do it for you to see or I'll break you.

She complained about the place being too hot. Then, the lamest thing happened. When the facilitators were demonstrating something, she just walked away. I thought she was going to stand in front of the air-con to cool off and would be coming back soon, but it turned out she went off to dance with one of her girlfriends. I can't really blame her for that, because dancing with one of her girlfriends would probably make her happier than dancing with me. After all, who would rather dance with a noob-looking fella like me than with her friend? I just wish she didn't make it seem quite rude.

Well my facilitator realized I didn't have a partner anymore and he went off to go look for her or something I guess. The one who was dancing with him paired up with me instead.

Okay after that we went to the police academy opposite the school and played dumb games under the sun. First up was some swimming game. Our class had to take turns swimming across the pool in pairsand take a gambling chip and swim back. The team with the most chips was the winner. Time was up before I even participated but when the team wanted to play a prank on the facilitator and pull him in, he pulled me in and we both fell in.

Okay after that we played dodgeball. Halfway throughout the game I was wetting a ball when I turned around and in less than a second a ball hit me smack in the face.

Well nothing much humiliating happened after that but she and I made eye contact during a break in the canteen and we both smiled and waved. Ain't that great.

I made nunchakus out of two glowsticks and a red ribbon and I'm about to go play them now.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Ready for the new school year?

Right so CJC sent me a letter telling me to go there on Monday. I'll have to figure out how to get there using that JAE guidebook. The letter also told me to go there in St Gab's uniform so I had to buy a new pairs of St Gab's pants because I've put on "a few" kilos since last year. My current pants size is 38, with the buttons at the side made tighter. It makes the pants go down by one size, I think, so my actual size should be 37. Can you imagine what it was like for me to be a size 37 and wear my size 32 pants to collect my 'O' Levels results, plus the fact that I had to sit cross-legged on the floor in the school hall making me worry about splitting my pants and that my shirt was kinda wet with the aircon blowing at me making me shiver like something that shivers in the cold, adding to the stress I already had? Dammit, paragraphing, paragraphing.

Ah, new paragraph. Anyway my xbox abusing days are going to be pretty much over. Also I think Thumbs Wars is really funny. You guys should go download it, especially if you are a Star Wars fan. The film was written by Steve Oedekerk, who is the guy who made Kung Pow: Enter the Fist.

"I am Oobeedoob Benubi. I have the silliest name in the galaxy."
"What's your middle name?"
"Scooby Dooby."
"Oobeedoob Scooby Dooby Benubi?"
"One and the same."

I'm currently downloading Kung Pow and the Blair Thumb. The downloading of the Blair Thumb is kinda weird because the time remaining keeps jumping from 18 hours to 1 hour plus. I also wanted to download Frankenthumb but it seems there are too few sources or something.

Oh and one last thing. The Silent Assassin is now available online on my video blog.