Sunday, October 16, 2005

5 hours at LAN isn't so bad

Yesterday was graduation day and it was quite cool. Joshua made a really great video (nice work) and some of the footage was of me acting retarded.

After that we went LAN. First game I played was obviously Star Wars: Battlefront. I played with Terence and soon Brandon joined in. Then Brandon switched coms with Alkaff We played a few matches and Terence had to go. So it was me playing single player. Then Aaron wanted to play with me but somehow our coms couldn't connect so I played Need for Speed: Underground 2. I kept losing 'cause I'm not much of a racer and I kept colliding into traffic. The game is seriously fun. I never knew driving could be so difficult. Guess I'm too used to Chocobo Racing. Hehe.

So Aaron decided to switch coms to one nearer to mine so we could play together. I created a server and he joined. He defeated me the first two maps but I defeated him a few times later. One was in Yavin 4 where there was a place where I could hide and snipe people. That was really gay and for that match I think I got the survivalist award.

Then the last match was one which was really screwed up. Brandon joined in the game and wanted to team with Aaron, but I set auto-assign and he had no choice but to team with me. So it was Brandon and I representing the CIS (Confederacy of Independent Systems) versus Aaron representing the Republic. Never did I expect Brandon to attack me! I died and I saw the words "Dark (which was Brandon's nick) killed teammate Jimmy".

So it was actually me pitting myself against Brandon and Aaron. But I didn' want to attack Brandon at first because killing him would mean less soldiers for me. They both got into vehicles and killed all of my troops. I suffered a humiliating defeat. Well actually Brandon did as well but he didn't care.

I paid a little less than ten dollars which meant I played about 5 hours. Then I went with Muthu to play KOF '02. He kept thrashing me but I won him when I randomly chose the characters by mistake, but still I got beaten in the first match against AI. I'm just not good with the joystick.

Well yesterday was a really fun day. That afternoon my father went to fetch my mother and to get a haircut there. When they came back, his hair was short and spiky, like some punk! Haha! That was the highlight of the day!