Thursday, June 23, 2005

Come waste your money

Nowhere to throw your money at? Come buy SGSS band concert tickets! See sissies who screwed up during SYF central judging and start crying but later denies making the mistake! Or check out our vocal ensemble people who love singing out of tune! Or check out the invisible man! He plays the French horn, but is so short that all the tall and skinny people in front of him cover him up totally and you think that you just heard a solo being played by your own mind!

It's only twelve dollars! Come lose your mind at our concert! Contact me if you're crazy enough to be interested!

Monday, June 20, 2005

Bye, Gang

Off to band camp today and will be staying in school until Wednesday morning, so don't expect me to be online 'till then.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Time heals all wounds

The bruise is gone and there's only a bit of a sting.

Muthu, you better claim my Jedi Academy CD back.

Oh, and here's what George Lucas said about the way kids think.

"They think outside of the box 'cause they don't know there's a box there."


And here's a lame joke.

Q: Why is a bee's hair so sticky?
A: Because it uses a honeycomb.

Sunday, June 12, 2005


Although my foot doesn't hurt as much, there's a long purple bruise on it. I hope my parents don't see it.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

It's over

I just wasted one and a half hours of my time getting thrashed in DotA by Muthu.

I realize how everyone is laughing at him for giving them free frags, yet I'm being beaten up by him like I owe him his lunch money. This proves I'm a thousand times noober than anyone of them.

This is why I've decided to quit DotA.

I shall miss the game, but no point playing if you're just there to feed the opposing team.

Friday, June 10, 2005


Band was supposed to start at 9.30, but I was told to come at 9.00. The only day I didn't bring my packets of tissue was the day my arse had to vomit. And the stupid toilets have the gadgets where you put toilet rolls in but no toilet rolls inside. What the Hell's the point?

Fortunately for me, Timothy said that the staff toilet which was originally the students' should have toilet paper. I gave it a try and he was right.

So freakin' unfair. The staff gets toilet paper but the students don't. What, students don't need to crap?

My foot's healing. It doesn't hurt so much when I walk now. But I did something lame today. I did a Yamakasi stunt which made me land hard on my feet. My injured left foot felt like it exploded. I'm still nothing compared to other people though. I've heard that some people actually jump from the second storey and emerge unscratched. It must be because their all skinny unlike me.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

How to live a happy life

BE PESSIMISTIC! It's the only way things can go better than you expected.

For example, when you're studying like hell for some major exam, keep telling yourself you're dumb and stupid and you need to study as hard as possible. When the exam is over, keep telling yourself you're gonna flunk it and get an F9. If you really do get and F9, at least you're not disappointed. If you get an E8, you'll be happy.

Jumped over a flight of stairs today. Hurt my foot.

Saturday, June 04, 2005


I just had a weird dream this morning. I was walking with this person whom I just knew in my dream that he was some animal expert, kind of like Steve Irwin, but a taller and Chinese version. We were walking in this giant shopping mall and there was this programme going on about tigers. People got to get closer to young tigers and learn more about them.

So we walked up to this trainer and his tiger who was about the height of my waist and the "animal expert" went to pet the tiger, but the tiger started roaring and showing its teeth. Some animal expert he is.

When I saw what happened, I got quite scared because even an "expert" couldn't handle the tiger. When I put my hand on the tiger's head, the tiger tried biting my hand. I pulled my hand back and jumped backwards to stay away from it. It pounced on me, but it had to pounce quite slowly since I was so near it. I dodged it and jumped on it, grabbed its waist and started saying "You wanna mess with me, huh?" Then I started scratching its back near where the spine was, not in a super violent way, but rather in a playful way. I also rubbed my knuckles on its head back and forth, like what guys sometimes like to do to each other. I just wanted it to feel frustrated. I didn't have claws to really hurt it anyway.

It slipped away and pounced at me again. This time I wrapped my arm around it before it fully passed me, and its ass was beside my face. I shouted "I'll scratch yo ass! I'll scratch yo ass!" And I started to scratch his ass cheeks. I didn't want my fingernails to meet his asshole.

We started wrestling and I was kind of scared even though I enjoyed the fight, and suddenly the trainer yelled "L!" and the tiger ceased. It jumped off me and just stood there. Then I started thinking "What the hell... Maybe you should have shouted that earlier." But I had no idea why the command would be L. Maybe because I like staring at Agent L in the Men in Black© series.